Bikes for Sale

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Bikes for Sale

Bikes for sale from our friends Spencer and Cara Yates.  Cara is one of Matt's cycling teammates who, unfortunately, has been battling cancer from retinoblastoma for most of her life.  And, Spencer is Matt's best friend and tandem captain from the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games.  

Spencer writes, "I don't know why I didn't sale the bikes and equipment the day Cara was diagnosed with her third cancer 3 years ago, but at this stage the "possessions" in life all seem so worthless."

The prices are approximate (negotiable) if you don’t want to bid on eBay, but I will donate the stuff to youth or disabled cycling before I sell it for less than its worth.

See the list below for details on the bikes and links to the items on e-bay.  Feel free to forward this on to family and friends.  TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

 If you live in the northeast, and want to come to Worcester to pick them up (save shipping $) be sure to check e-bay to see if it is not sold or bid above what you want to pay.  I have not yet learned how to cancel an e-bay auction. We have so many small parts we cant list them all. I'll almost GIVE most of the little stuff away if I get a reasonable offer. My plan is to show up Wed night for track racing in Winchester, NH with invitations to my house for the final gutting of my basement

Contact Spencer and Cara Yates at 87 Central Turnpike, Sutton MA  01590 home email is Phone 508-865-7819 (h) 508-667-9236 (cell) or 

·I have tons of pedals.  SPD, SPD-R, Look (road and spd style), and two pairof toe clip pedals (dura ace and suntour track VERY RARE AND NEW!) $30-$50 per pair.  I also have tons of extra cranks, some track, some road, some ATB.  a pair of 28 hole Dura ace track hubs, a Giro Pave saddle and several others, a Zipp 400 front wheel

  ·Two Corima rear track disc wheels $1200 each (the high modulous type)  700c, tubular with barely used Continental sprinter tire.  (see cog selection below) Not on Ebay yet

  ·Andy Gilmour road bike, 54 cm (he built Andy Bishop's bikes before he rode for motorola) you choose the wheelset, (28 or 32) price dependent, full dura ace 9 speed.  $1200  Not on eBay yet, still riding it until I get some cash from my others and can buy a cheap commuter!

  ·  Softride "beam" aluminum frame mountain bike w/ softride sprung stem (I scored GRUNDIG world cup points with a stem like this at Mammoth in 1994)  This bike was ridden and raced once at the PRO NORBA level in 1997.  I was a “privateer” on the NORBA circuit 1993-95 so I had to be my own mechanic, and I’m pretty darn good.  This bike is race ready.  8 speed rear end, campagnolo rims on Ultimate titanium hubs, aluminum spoke nipples, Continental Traction Pro tire on front, Ritchey Omegabite rear (not in the picture, I decided to put it on after I took the pictures) Deore XT cantilever brakes (with aluminum mounting bolts) with Dia-Compe PC7 levers, XTR rapidfire shifters, XTR front derailleur, Deore XT rear derailleur, XTR/Dura Ace chain.  The pictures have an XTR crank in them, but they are really beat so I put on a brand new pair of Ultimate custom machined cranks with 3 new chainrings! carbon Trek bar ends, Ritchey WCS titanium rail saddle, Little Blackburn jersey pocket pump, NO PEDALS.  (I have several on auction here at eBay, buy separately, ship together.)  No “buy it now”, but I sent a price to my large network of friends: $800 plus shipping.  I don’t know what I’ll get here on eBay, NO RESERVE!!  Here is the eBay url:

  ·Bob Stowe/Phase 3 cycles Time Trial Bike:  Because it is a specific event bike, this one has VERY few miles, probably less than 500. Comes with a fast (tubular) race wheel (sun mistral aero rim and Hi-E hub) and a light mountain bike wheel for training (it just needs a 26x1 tire, easy to find) It may be old, but it has very new aero bars (Syntace). The rear wheel is also for training (Mavic MA2 rim, Hi-E hi/lo hub, and you can buy a disk wheel that you prefer to race on (or may have already) The Dura Ace 7 speed downtube shifters will index (click) on any 8 speed cassette, or work friction on a 9 speed if you buy a new chain. the dura ace rear derailleur has the smoothest Campagnolo ball bearing jockey wheels on it, and the chain is long enough to use a 60 chainring!! (works great on the 54 that it has, very low friction) The front derailleur and shifter (and crankset, 172.5mm, 54/42 chainrings) are from a group from Shimano called Sante, was painted white, and came out in the late 80s. The Brakes are Dura Ace aero levers and calipersand look Brand new. The bottom bracket is a sealed Mavic, the smoothest and toughest ever made. Campagnolo C-record seatpost, Ritchey logic WCS saddle with titanium rails. $600  eBay url: TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

  ·Bianchi Cyclocross bike, dura ace seatpost frozen at approx 71cm height bb to saddle top, ritchey cantilevers, you pick the crank, ultegra triple or old specialized triple, with or without wheels $1000  Not on eBay yet.

  ·Bob Stowe/phase3cycles track bike (Bob used to build for Serotta) Lugged steel (Columbus SL/SP mix) 52cm center to center seat tube, 53cm center to center top tube.  Paint is light red or dark pink, I cant really describe it.  Paint is chipped where it usually is, where the wheels attach, near the chainrings, and on the chainstay, otherwise beautiful.  Dura Ace cranks are 167.5 mm with Dura Ace splined type bottom bracket, with ONE (1) chainring (49 teeth), extra chainrings and cogs auctioned separately. Chain is Izumi Pro ($60) which is VERY important in track racing.  Wheels are Suntour Superbe track hubs (14 tooth cog) with Mavic GEL 280 rims (tubular/sew up/ glue on tires, very light), 32 spokes, built 3cross rear, radial front.  Handlebars are Cinelli criterium (track shape) with Specialized stem 12.5 cm (hidden binder bolt), Suntour Superbe headset as well  (see photo).  Dura Ace AX (aero) seatpost, Selle Italia Turbomatic saddle.<p> BikePro double travel case is available if you buy one of my other bikes (safer shipping and travel after you buyNO PEDALS (several of mine auctioned separately)  Buy both and ship together!  No “buy it now”, but I sent a price to my large network of friends: )  $600 bike only or $950 with full track kit with chainrings and cogs. I don’t know what I’ll get here on eBay, NO RESERVE!!  eBay url: TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

  ·Cannondale RT2000 road tandem, 54cm front, 48 rear (both measured to top of seat collar) Wheels are Mavic Deep rims (CXP 30 rear, CXP 33 front) on a 36 spoke chris King rear hub, 32 ultegra front with Continental 28c tires. (I am an EXPERIENCED wheelbuilder, racing many tandem races off road too, and I've NEVER had a wheel failure with these few spokes) Cinelli front Handlebars, Trek rear. Dura ace 9 speed rear derailleur and STI shifter, Ultegra triple front derailleur and STI shifter. Dura Ace drive chain, Izmi track bike timing chain for ZERO lateral flex. (so it never comes off!) Ultegra rear cranks (170mm) and DaVinci custom machined front cranks (172.5mm, very rare! see photo!!) Deore XT V-Brakes with Travel Agents so they work correctly with the STI brake levers. Selle Italia turbomatic saddles. Two Specialized composite bottle cages, one aluminum. NO PEDALS! $1300  eBay url: TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!!

  ·Santana track tandem frame, custom built designed by me, full aluminum, 74 degree head and minimal rake for 60mm trail.  this bike handles quicker than most road single bikes. $4000 frame only, but I have enough parts to make it a complete bike, except I dont have enough drop handlebars.  $6000 complete bike ready to race. Not on Ebay yet

    ·Cannondale Mountain tandem, basic LX Vbrakes, Sachs twist grip shifters, 8 speed rear end, needs right rear (drive) crank, has splined shimano BB $1100.  Not on Ebay yet

  ·Two BikePro travel cases, one for two single bikes, one for a tandem. These are the best to fly with.  $400 each. Not on Ebay yet


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