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October 8, 2000

Well...the time is here. Tomorrow morning Matt, Mark, and Kirk will be on there journey to Sydney gold! How exciting!  This weekend was spent packing (Thank you Steve and Charlie for helping pack!) and Matt had a few television interviews. 

Tomorrow Debbie and John will help transport four tandems, three wheel cases, one single bike, a trunk, and three suitcases to the airport. It takes a lot of individuals to make a big dream come true...Team King couldn't do this without the support of our friends and family. Thank you!

Its a secret...but tomorrow we are having a surprise send-off party for Matt, Mark and several other Paralympians...can't wait it will be fun! I will fill you in on the fun tomorrow.

Matt's parents, my parents, and I will leave for Sydney on October 15...I will keep you updated on Team King results. 


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US Paralympics