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I want to help Team King by donating via check

Here is how to make a tax deductible contribution to Matt's Athlete Development Account (ADA) at the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) via check. Once monies are deposited into Matt's ADA account, he may submit qualified travel and equipment receipts to USABA for reimbursement.

Step 1 - Please make your check payable to the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) and write Matt King ADA in the memo of the check (an example of how to write your check is below). Steps 2 - 4 follow check example.




An example of a check. Pay to the order of US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA), left bottom of check says Memo: Matt King's ADA




Step 2 - Please complete the form below so that Team King and USABA can acknowledge your support.

Step 3 - Please print this page to include with your check.

Step 4 - Please send to: Matt King, 619 North Hancock, Colorado Springs, CO  80903.

If you have questions, please contact Team King at kim@thekinglink.com or 719.527.6793.

First Name Last Name

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City   State   Zip

Phone   E-mail address

Yes, I would like my e-mail address added to Team King's newsletter distribution list.

  Yes, I would like to help Team King by making the following contribution:

$25 to help pay entry fees for one event.

$50 to helps purchase one tire.

$100 to help replace chains for one tandem.

$250 to help to rent a car for one event.

$500 to help with lodging for one event.

$1,000 to help cover airfare for me and my tandem captains for one event.

$ Any gift you make helps bring Team King one step closer to GOLD!

  Thank you for your generous contribution. 



Team King
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updated 08/28/2004
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